As a link in the food and flower chain, refrigeration engineering is indispensable. Good refrigeration is essential for fresh and healthy products, though it also forms the basis for ensuring a long shelf life, delaying deterioration and year-round availability. Van Kempen is a reliable partner in the food and flower chain when it comes to achieving long-term product freshness.


Van Kempen Koudetechniek B.V. is a Dutch company with around 75 employees that, over the course of its 65 years, has developed into an organisation that specialises in refrigeration technology. To guarantee quality, we have all the necessary disciplines in-house. This means that, in addition to cold room construction and cooling units, Van Kempen has also developed its own operating system with visualisation. Customers benefit from a single designated contact, thereby eliminating any misunderstandings about responsibilities.

Within our organisation, we prioritise not only the design and unit, but also maintenance, process optimisation and cost control. During every phase, we advise you concerning energy efficiency, subsidy possibilities, user-friendliness and environmental friendliness. 

We also have extensive experience in the use of natural refrigeration solutions, such as ammonia and CO2. 
We use certified local agents for maintenance work on international projects.
Mr Van Kempen established the company ‘Van Kempen machine- en apparatenfabriek b.v.’ in 1947. He initially focused on installation construction and, later on, added refrigeration engineering to his specialities. A technical expert through and through, his wife assisted him with the commercial aspects.

In the beginning, many of the components were produced in-house, but as the sector began to specialise more and more, this was discontinued and the company name was changed to ‘Van Kempen Koudetechniek b.v.’.  During the forty years that Mr Van Kempen was active within the company, tremendous developments took place in refrigeration engineering. He stayed ahead of these developments by coming up with his own ideas and putting them into practice. 

A timely transfer of management from father and mother to both sons made it possible to retain all know-how and embed it in a modern and progressive policy.

In 2009, Mr Van Kempen turned over the general management of the company as operational director to Mr Van Zante.  
The original principle - building a technically sound installation for every purpose at an acceptable price - has remained the same. A focus on the environment and energy efficiency has been added to this over the years.




Refrigeration van Soest

Van Kempen koudetechniek has realised a central ammonia installation for van Soest
Van Kempen Koudetechniek for van Soest champignons


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