Server room

Precision climate control accurately regulates temperature and atmospheric humidity to the degree in order to secure the functioning of sensitive equipment. The continuous availability of computer systems at favourable costs can be efficiently ensured in data centres and switching rooms for GSM networks. Central management is possible through communication with Building Management Systems at various established providers.

The heated air is suctioned up out of the computer room (the hottest air is found at the top of the space) and cooled in the precision climate control system. This conditioned air is then blown under the computer floor. Floor grids ensure that the air is blown directly to the heat sources, so that the room can be perfectly temperature-regulated with a high internal heating load. 



De Groot Fresh Group

About De Groot International
Since the 1930s, De Groot International has been presenting itself as a partner for trade and retail with a specialized assortment of fruit and vegetables. The company has four conditioned locations in the Netherlands and in Belgium with a total...


Ammonia CO2 installation at Royal Flora Holland

As commissioned by the cooperative, Royal FloraHolland organises the international marketplace for flowers and plants for growers and buyers. They bring supply and demand together, for an optimal price and the lowest transaction costs, offer a wide range of services, and work intensively...


Ammonia installation at Elburg Foods

About Elburg Foods:

Elburg Foods is a self-sufficient, independent, private label+ producer of high quality convenience chicken specialties. The family company has over more than 40 years' experience in product preperation. Elburg Foods has access to their own fully...

Machine Frame Elburg Foods
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