Refrigeration & Freezing

VK has an abundance of experience and expertise in the development of every imaginable type of refrigeration and/or freezing system. This varies from direct systems like direct expansion or pump circulation to indirect systems that use a coolant/cold carrier to transfer heat.

VK has gained years of experience with various cascade systems that work with ammonia carbon dioxide (NH3-CO2). These natural coolants do not contribute directly to the greenhouse effect and yield energy savings of around 25% compared to hydro-fluorocarbons.

VK specialises in:

- Industrial refrigeration and freezing applications
- Freeze and thawing tunnels
- Vacuum cooling
- Flow-ice units
- Air treatment and air conditioning systems
- Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) fruit storage rooms
- Production facility air treatment
- Belt, plate and spiral freezers
- Ripening rooms
- Heat and cold storage

All of our units comply with the legal requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive and all other national and European guidelines and legislation.


De Groot Fresh Group

About De Groot International
Since the 1930s, De Groot International has been presenting itself as a partner for trade and retail with a specialized assortment of fruit and vegetables. The company has four conditioned locations in the Netherlands and in Belgium with a total...


Refrigeration van Soest

Van Kempen koudetechniek has realised a central ammonia installation for van Soest
Van Kempen Koudetechniek for van Soest champignons


Ammonia installation at van den Brink

About van den Brink, ’t Goy
Van den Brink BV is a service company consisting of a refrigeration and storage company and a packing station in ‘Goy (municipality of Houten) Van den Brink BV also has its own hard fruit growing company in Wijk bij Duurstede. Due to these 3...

halkoeling van den Brink fruit
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