Climate control not only produces a fresh and comfortable living climate, but also has a positive impact on electronic equipment due to air dehumidification. A low degree of atmospheric humidity extends the service life of electronic equipment. A humidity degree of between 40% and 60% is considered optimal.

There is a close relationship between productivity/work performance and the temperature in a working environment. A workplace that is too hot, too cold or too humid stimulates neither the work rhythm nor the efficiency of personnel.

The diagram shows this correlation. Work performance decreases with an indoor temperature of above 22°C and declines dramatically with temperatures above 26°C. That is why it is important to maintain control of indoor temperatures. Note: ‘effective temperature’ also includes the humidity level.

It has been scientifically proven that:

  • Accidents happen more often in extreme temperatures, with the ideal temperature being around 20°C.
  • Mental resilience and work rhythm decreases significantly once it becomes too hot in the workplace.
  • Creating a comfortable and efficient building requires the usage of the space to be taken into consideration.    





Ammonia installation at Elburg Foods

About Elburg Foods:

Elburg Foods is a self-sufficient, independent, private label+ producer of high quality convenience chicken specialties. The family company has over more than 40 years' experience in product preperation. Elburg Foods has access to their own fully...

Machine Frame Elburg Foods


Ammonia installation at van den Brink

About van den Brink, ’t Goy
Van den Brink BV is a service company consisting of a refrigeration and storage company and a packing station in ‘Goy (municipality of Houten) Van den Brink BV also has its own hard fruit growing company in Wijk bij Duurstede. Due to these 3...

halkoeling van den Brink fruit


Ammonia CO2 installation at Royal Flora Holland

As commissioned by the cooperative, Royal FloraHolland organises the international marketplace for flowers and plants for growers and buyers. They bring supply and demand together, for an optimal price and the lowest transaction costs, offer a wide range of services, and work intensively...

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