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Looking for the perfect produce refrigeration solution?
In the agriculture and horticulture industry, refrigeration can mean the difference between profit and loss, plus or minus, a successful or a lost year. That makes the choice of a cooling unit and its installer extremely important. This decision should be based on the best possible balance between price, performance, Return on Investment (ROI) and expertise.

In the produce sector, VK installations can be found at a large number of growers, wholesalers, production and distribution companies and import and export firms.

Produce products and your specific needs
Just think about all the personal preferences companies have when it comes to keeping refrigerated products moist and fresh, managing relative humidity, air movements in the cold room (air circulation rate), temperature differences in the cold room and re-cooling capacity. Not everyone has the same ideas about these types of things. And since cooling and atmospheric humidity are inextricably linked, this is where the first difference in preferences and expectations arises. With 65 years of experience in refrigeration engineering behind it, VK is fully aware that every agricultural and horticultural company is unique.

 hat is why VK designs and constructs based on customer specifications.


Refrigeration van Soest

Van Kempen koudetechniek has realised a central ammonia installation for van Soest
Van Kempen Koudetechniek for van Soest champignons


De Groot Fresh Group

About De Groot International
Since the 1930s, De Groot International has been presenting itself as a partner for trade and retail with a specialized assortment of fruit and vegetables. The company has four conditioned locations in the Netherlands and in Belgium with a total...

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