VK offers a total solution alongside the systems, as explained on our website under Climate Systems for Food Service Establishments and Hotels.

VK produces cold, freezer and climate rooms with sandwich insulation panels for spaces used to refrigerate food products. It goes without saying that this requires familiarity with all hygiene requirements and legislation according to the HACCP, BRC and IFS standards. VK makes sure that all standards and requirements are met.

ZEAS condensing units
Compared to traditional refrigeration/freezer units, the Daikan ZEAS condensing unit is an innovative system, especially for the hotel market and food service industry. Complete technical rooms containing all cooling units are no longer relevant because each of these ZEAS units can be installed in 1 m2 of space.

  • A machine room is no longer needed
  • Significant energy savings compared to traditional cooling units
  • Low noise level
  • Savings in service costs
  • Long service life

VK connects the refrigeration/freezer rooms to a climate control system in order to achieve optimal energy savings. The heat that is released during the refrigeration/freezer process in the rooms is used to heat the usable floor space at no cost.


Refrigeration van Soest

Van Kempen koudetechniek has realised a central ammonia installation for van Soest
Van Kempen Koudetechniek for van Soest champignons


Central ammonia installation at cooling centre Zederik B.V.

Cooling centre Zederik has three modern locations through The Netherlands, to cool fresh products and storage them in the same time. With a strong combination of passion, knowledge and technology they can guarantee you the quality of your fruit throughout the whole year. If you just want to...

Transport of the ammonia installation Zederik - Van Kempen


Ammonia installation at van den Brink

About van den Brink, ’t Goy
Van den Brink BV is a service company consisting of a refrigeration and storage company and a packing station in ‘Goy (municipality of Houten) Van den Brink BV also has its own hard fruit growing company in Wijk bij Duurstede. Due to these 3...

halkoeling van den Brink fruit
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